Our Services

At Viscotland we have a wide range of specialities. Each of the specialties are equipped with the experienced, professional staff and also with top notch tech.

Department of Cardiology

With an increasing number of heart complications, here at Viscotland we have the experienced doctors who can provide the best treatments in the world.

Department f of Orthopedics

Having an orthopedic emergency is yet another thing to happen. We have skilled and dedicated doctors who provide exceptional treatments.

Cancer Care

Cancer is one disease that is growing at a very fast rate. Here at Viscotland we provide exceptional cancer treatment. With the facility to monitor the cancer patients 24×7 our Cancer care is one of the best in the world.

Department of Neurology

With the state of the art equipment and highly skilled doctors, the Neurology department offers treatments with unparalleled quality. With one of the highest success rates, the Neurology department is one of the best in the country.

The Paramedics

The department of Paramedical Sciences is filled with the exceptional and experienced professionals. Our paramedical sciences include Physiotherapy, radiography, nursing , emergency first aid, and dietetics.


The research facility at Viscotland is one the best in the world. More than a hundred papers have been presented by our doctors in may global forums. The cancer research that is being carried out at our facility is something that needs a special mention.

With the dedicated research team that has an undying urge to come up with a cure for many diseases is what makes them exceptional in every way.