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My name is Dr. Paul Bowers, I am a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a board-certified urologist. I was born and raised in the heart of the great state of Florida. My first medical school was in the University of Miami where I had a successful career as a UF dermatologist with my specialty: pediatric urology. My practice was centered in Naples, Florida but I continue to practice out of my own home in West Palm Beach, Florida, where I have a beautiful home, a beautiful neighborhood, an outstanding physician and a wonderful wife and family. I specialize in the treatment of adult warts, benign, or malignant. This website has a great listing of over 4,700 warts that are sold under a wide variety of trade names and brands. You can choose your own unique product and have it shipped directly to your door for a reasonable cost. It's much more convenient than buying a product from an internet auction site or a flea market. The products listed below are sold by me directly from my own personal collection. You will not find any of these items in any of the major grocery or drugstores.

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