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If you are looking for more information about what stress is, read my articles on Stress and Stress Reduction.

Why Stress Management Products are Good: Stress management products are good if you are doing something with stress. If you are not doing anything with stress and just have a mild form of stress, a stress management product will have little effect on your health. The products I am reviewing here work for mild to moderate forms of stress. These are not "treatments" for stress. They are more of a way to manage stress by focusing on things that are causing stress. Some of these products work by controlling your mind (for example, by thinking of something that is stressful, or getting an appointment with a therapist). Some work by slowing down your breathing. Most of the products I review are available over the Internet and for free.

I've reviewed more than 30 products from 5 companies: Amazon - I reviewed Amazon's stress management tools last year, and have reviewed their tools again for 2016. I find Amazon's stress tools really useful, and highly recommend using them. Most products I review have a free trial, but some are more expensive. I also like Amazon's free reviews so much because I'm able to get feedback about my experiences, and often have the option to leave comments on the products.

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