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I was recently invited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to review some detox products. I was asked if I would be willing to write up my own reviews on the products. The FDA website had a disclaimer that they could not control the content of the reviews. I read about some of the products, and found many that I think could use improvement. I started with one product, a "Cleanser" that has no name and is marketed as a detoxifying product. I don't like the use of detox products because many of them seem to be the same. When my wife and I started getting ill we started using "Alcoholics Anonymous" as a way to treat our symptoms. Alcoholics Anonymous is a program with members who can have a hard time dealing with things they think they have control over. "The "Alcoholics Anonymous" program is a program that teaches the individual to not get stressed about anything and to be able to accept that things happen in life and that there are other people, so it is important to accept that you have a problem and accept that life is not perfect. " "An individual that has been in the program is often seen as having "lost his mind" and as having an "addicted personality" and many other negative things.

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