Are there any pills that can make you smarter? This question sounds like science fiction, but the Brain Pill is supposed to boost various performances of your brain. But does it really work - or is it just a fake?

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In search of an evaluation of Brain Pill and reports of possible successes and experience users, we have turned the Internet upside down for you to find out what to think of this product. Can you also pay the Brain Pill on account of order or are there other securities and guarantees? If we could find User reviews and what other relevant information we noticed during our research, you can find out here.

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updated: 20.02.2020

Are you using the full potential of your brain?

There's a well-known myth that you only use 10 percent of your brain. Although this is scientifically wrong, many people at least feel that this sentence speaks from their souls. Some feel stressed and have the impression that they are performing worse than they actually could. Others wish to expand their memory capacities, to have more concentration and quite simply: to perform better cognitive performance.
Because this performance plays an important role at work and in everyday life. The ideal person of today should be mentally fit at work, be able to think quickly and be creative at the same time. A good memory for numbers, names and dates is rewarded by many with recognition. Due to unrealistic demands and high expectations more and more people get under stress - at some point it doesn't go any faster, further and higher. The air is out, the brain just won't give up.
Or maybe it is? The so-called neuroenhancement tries to increase the efficiency of the brain and to exceed one's own limits. On amazon and even in many a pharmacy you will find food supplements, which have exactly that in mind and sometimes promise to be full-bodied. This is not about the compensation of deficits or even illnesses, but about an increase that starts from a normal level. The Brain Pill is a dietary supplement designed to support the performance of your brain in various ways. Does it really work? Does the product affect your cognitive performance favorably? Let's take a closer look at the remedy.

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Can mental performance be increased?

Psychological research has shown that good cognitive training can actually improve the performance of the human brain. This could lead to the conclusion that most people normally do not (yet) use the full potential theoretically available to them. How large the performance increase can be, however, depends on the individual case.
The desire for self-optimization is everywhere you encounter nowadays: The Black Mask is supposed to help you with a better facial skin, Chocolate Slim promises a supportive effect with the lose weight and products like XtraSize, Extenze and MagnaRX are supposed to contribute to a fulfilled sex life. So it is hardly surprising that there are also means that want to optimize your mental performance. Your brain is an important control center of your body and your psyche. Almost all functions are directly or indirectly related to the brain.
In particular, intellectual skills play an important role today because occupations and leisure activities have changed considerably over time. Especially due to automation, simple manual activities have decreased more and more. Nowadays, many people work at a high mental level and have to maintain their concentration over long periods of time. Books, mental exercises and challenging conversations can also challenge the brain.
Cognitive training demands discipline, diligence and stamina from you, because only through the regular repetition of exercises can one speak of "training" at all. All the more tempting are dietary supplements that promise fast successes without having to invest a lot of time and energy in expensive trainings. However, such promises and suggestions also make people suspicious: Are tablets and capsuless just a fake to improve mental performance?

Buy Brain Pill: Where is the product available?

According to the information we found about the product, you don't have to order the Brain Pill from amazon or the pharmacy, but can order it from the buy product website. You can find out whether you can also purchase on account there, as well as further details about the ordering and delivery process.
Since the manufacturer stresses that the two main ingredients of the product are patented, a direct price comparison is difficult. You should take this into account when making a price comparison to find out where the product is cheaply available. If the price deviates too much, you should also be suspicious - there is a general risk that you will find a counterfeit product if the seller is not serious.
On the product website of Brain Pill the age group Ü30 is addressed again and again. People over the age of 30 often have both feet firmly on the ground - they often have the first steps in their careers behind them, but many still hope for promotion or other events to move them forward in their professional lives. Family, hobbies, honorary positions or other areas of life can also challenge a person in this situation. So it seems logical that a product to increase mental abilities appeals to this group of people.

Which effect should the Brain Pill have?

According to the product website, Brain Pill is designed to help you improve your working memory, process information quickly, and work more distractively. It should also help you to prepare for exams and projects, acquire easier skills and much more. In short, Brain Pill suggests it can improve your brain performance.

The ingredients of Brain Pill

The two central ingredients of Brain Pill are intended to pursue this goal: Cognizm and Synapsa. The product website points out that both substances are patented. Cognicine is said to be a substance derived from Citocoline. It is said to be involved in the integrity of cell membranes and has the potential to improve your mental response time, reduce oxidative stress and more.
The second ingredient, which is explained in more detail, is Synapsa. Synapsa has been clinically investigated and has affected the following areas:

  • information processing

  • remembrance

  • intellectual performance

The product website also lists other substances that are designed to improve your mental performance:

  • Huperzia serrata

  • vinpocetine

  • Ginkgo biloba

  • phosphatidylserine

  • DHA complex

  • vitamin B12

  • L-tyrosine

  • L-Thenaine

  • Vitamin B6

  • folic acid

  • pantothenic acid

Which side effects are known and how does the taking work?

In our research we could not find any information about possible side effects. The application of the Brain Pill simply works. The food supplement is intended for taking.
For the dosage you should follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Read all other information about dosage as well. You should be thoroughly informed about dietary supplements before starting application of such a product. This is the only way to make sure you don't overlook any important information and stay up to date.

What reviews and User reviews are there for the Brain Pill?

The product website states that the main active ingredients of Brain Pill have been shown to be effective in clinical studies. More information about studies is available on the official website here.
Before and after pictures of a product like Chocolate Slim can illustrate the results with the product - of course there are no meaningful before and after pictures of the Brain Pill, because the mental effects are not visible on the outside. This also makes a review more difficult.
During our online research we found several websites dealing with the Brain Pill. Many of these pages report of positive experience that users are said to have made with the product. The reported results often cite effects that are promised in the same or similar way by the manufacturer. However, not every user was able to determine the effectiveness of the product.
There are many products similar to Brain Pill on the market. A fundamental skepticism is reflected in many valuations on sales platforms. A frequent point of criticism, which is repeatedly mentioned, is that neuroenhancement has not had any effect on the person. Others, on the other hand, are enthusiastic about products designed to improve brain performance. For us, it is not comprehensible which group accounts for the larger share. Product evaluations, reviews and other reports are not necessarily representative and can be distorted.

What does your diet have to do with a brain?

In some blogs or forums you can read the statement that a healthy diet can improve your brain performance. In United States, the trend towards neuroenhancement with various dietary supplements seems to be more pronounced than in Germany, for example. One possible reason for this is that United States often proves to be a pioneer and trendsetter in general. When it comes to supporting the brain with suitable nutrients, German-language blogs talk about food in particular - food supplements seem to be a rather rare topic.
Your brain consists of different types of tissue - the nerve cells (neurons) are one of the most important cell types along with the so-called glial cells. All the cells in your body need nutrients to function. This includes, for example, oxygen, which is transported to the brain via the blood. Some deficiencies can endanger the nutrient supply of the brain. An iron deficiency, for example, can affect negative's red blood cell production and lead to anemia. It is therefore possible that people suffering from anemia develop symptoms such as dizziness, concentration and memory problems.
Neuroenhancement goes one step further: it does not (and this difference is crucial!) make up for a deficiency, but is intended to raise your normal state to a new level. Whether this can actually be achieved through nutrition is controversial. Although you will find glowing supporters of this theory on the Internet, you will also find critical voices. In our research, we discovered above all criticism, which refers to exaggerated advertising statements and the often high price of such food supplements refers: Do you really need a Brain Pill or doesn't it also do a healthy diet, as it is recommended anyway?

How can possible results be checked?

In the course of our research we repeatedly found articles in which subjective experiences in connection with the Brain Pill were reproduced. How you personally experience a possible change is of course a factor that you can consider when evaluating such a product.
In order to objectively check whether your mental performance has improved, you can put your brain to the test. Various memory tests are suitable for this purpose. But also mental sports like chess or Sudoku can give you a clue if you have actually improved your speed, working memory and other factors.
However, if you want to perform such a review, you should consider one important circumstance: Training will improve your performance over time. This applies not only to physical exercise in sports, but also to thinking tasks. For this reason, it is important to consider a possible training effect as well. In addition, there is a general possibility that the take of a dietary supplement may also have a placebo effect.

Conclusion: What is to be thought of the Brain Pill?

The Internet seems to be divided about this. Some websites give products like the Brain Pill a positive evaluation, whereas loose forum discussions are often much more sceptical. That was at least the impression we had during our research. For some articles marked as review, it was not clear whether the author had actually tried the product himself.
Some websites warn of possible counterfeits of Black Mask, XtraSize, Extenze, MagnaRX and other products. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it is sometimes recommended that you use a product such as the Brain Pill only via the product website to order if you want to perform a reviews with the product yourself.

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