You've certainly heard a lot about the Black Mask lately. This is a black face mask, which works with problem skin. The product promises a cure against blackheads, pimples and acne.

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updated: 24.02.2020
Pimples, acne and blackheads make your skin look worse ?
Skin diseases are a widespread problem, especially in the western industrial countries. If you suffer from problem skin, you know how acne, pimples and blackheads can affect your appearance and your psyche negative. A simple look in the mirror is enough to spoil the mood for the whole day. Furthermore, an inflamed skin can also feel to Pain under the skin. Many products from the pharmacy, from amazon or in the drugstore promise a relief without these to keep.

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Which Black Mask effect are there?

This mask is effective against skin impurities and combats pimples, acne and blackheads. The manufacturer promises by the effective that your impurities disappear after two weeks. On the one hand your pimples will be healed, softened and also smoothed. So that your skin does not dry out and dehydrate, Black Mask provides your skin with sufficient moisture at the same time.

What's Black Mask?

You may have read this question in many forums before. This product is a black face mask.

Is there black mask side effects?

Information about Black Mask side effect is not left on the manufacturer side. Because this is a product made from natural ingredients, the risk of getting a side effect is minimized. A review from the internet may be able to help you, but a side effect can appear with one person and not with you, for example.

What are the ingredients of Black Mask?

The manufacturer promises a deep cleansing of the individual problem zones in your face. The reason for this is that the main component of this mask is bamboo charcoal, therefore this mask is black. Furthermore, provitamin B5 ensures that your impurities disappear. This mask also contains wheat germ and grapefruit oil. According to the manufacturer, Black Mask is a natural complex of different extracts and wheat.

How is the application von der Black Mask carried out?

You apply the Black Mask in three steps. First you apply a thick layer of the product to your problem areas on the face. Do not apply the mask to the following zones:
- Areas with hair
- eyes
- sensitive areas.
The second step is to wait 25 minutes for the mask to dry and become elastic. Here the active substances get into your deep skin layers. As a final step, simply rinse the mask with clear and lukewarm water.

How does dosage black mask work?

For quick results, the manufacturer recommends using the mask three times a week. That's all you're paying attention to. There is no oral taking.

Which Black Mask successes and results are there?

The manufacturer promises you on his side, a quick result within two weeks. The result is a visibly improved skin and your impurities will disappear faster.

Does Black Mask really work and work?

This mask really works, as evidenced by the reports and photos on the manufacturer's website.

Before After Pictures with Black Mask? XY

You can find such pictures on the manufacturers page, from customers who have used the product in reviews.

What Black Mask reviews and User reviews are there?

On the internet you will find a lot of reports, as well as a price comparison.

Studies to Black Mask Product What evaluation is there?

No study about this product has been released yet. However, the mode of action of the individual substances is clinically proven.

What is discussed about Black Mask in the forum?

Different but predominantly positive opinions are expressed in the forums. As is the case with the Phallosan Forte, Miralash, Titan Gel, Varikosette and Fresh Fingers products.

Where can I buy Black Mask?

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